The Meet Cute

After a few years of jumping back and forth between Australia and the UK, Luke Humble finally decided to try a life in Australia.

First things first Luke setup his web/graphic design company so that he could start trading. Realising that his graphical skills were not up to scratch with the competition he decided to approach the local university. After stirring up a fuss with some of the university staff who had never had a company approach them to employ students (it was a small town Luke was in), he finally spoke to the right person.

Within hours of  leaving the meeting Luke received his first call from a very timid and shy woman by the name of Jacqui Robinson. Jacqui explained that she had been asked to contact him through her aunty who worked at the university as she had already graduated.Luke explained to her that he would like to give her a trial and that he would send through an email with instructions.

A week passed and Luke received what was a beautiful example of pure graphical design skill and was now in love (with the designs). Immediately he contacted Jacqui to arrange a meeting in person and chose a favourite spot of his at a cafe on the beach.

Luke arrived to a very beautiful woman who thankfully didn’t appear upset that he was a little late. They spent the next hour or so talking about design, music preferences, travel and throughout Luke was trying very hard not to flirt with her even if she was clearly attracted to him as well.

Jacqui went away on a sailing ship called the Young Endeavour for a few weeks shortly after the meeting. Distance it seems does make the heart grow fonder as they both thought about each other during this time. No sooner did she arrive home Luke asked her out for a drink to a local bar and they sat next to each other chatting the entire night (6am to be more precise). Little did they know that they were starting out on a road that would bring them together.



The Engagement

Having spent months trying to find the “perfect ring” for his girlfriend worrying profusely that her eye for design and detail would be on overdrive, Luke finally found THE ring.

Luke had already sized Jacqui’s crucial finger up so he immediately took the ring to the best jewelery store in the city to have it resized which would take a week. During this time Luke spoke with a local client of their company by the name of Peter to arrange for an exclusive sunset sail on his catamaran so that Luke could pop the question.

The big day arrived, Luke made his excuses and left Jacqui working so that he could go pickup the ring and finalise the rest of the days arrangements.

The ring was positively shining and it came with a sizable piece of leftover gold as Jacqui’s fingers are very very small. Luke immediately called Peter to confirm the sunset sail and was informed that the weather was not looking good so best to avoid being out at sea feeling nauseous. The backup plan came into force and Luke rushed to a local beach to make sure that it would have a perfect view of the sunset which would be at 5:05pm. Having picked a spot he stopped by his mothers and collected champagne glasses then headed to pickup a chilled bottle of champagne (clearly he was feeling confident).

There was just one more stop before heading over to collect Jacqui and so Luke headed over to Jacqui’s mothers work. A very nervous Luke arrived and quickly steered Simone to a nearby counter so that she had something to lean on whilst he asked for Jacqui’s hand in marriage. Simone was completely flabbergasted to say the least and once she managed to get a hold of herself  (and the blood had drained back into her face), she accepted Luke’s request.

Luke left a stunned Simone and rushed back to collect Jacqui as time was running short. When he arrived he explained that he had a surprise for her, especially as that day was the anniversary of when they first started dating.

They got in the car and Jacqui did not even notice the glasses and bottle of champagne on the floor behind them. Twenty minutes later and they parked up at the beach and Luke led Jacqui to the spot he had picked out earlier. The sun was already starting to set so Luke realised he had about 5 minutes so he went down on his left knee (Luke had researched which knee you were meant to go down on). He took Jacqui’s hand in his and started to pour his heart out only to have Jacqui ask him if he was joking not once, but twice. Luke paused each time and then continued to explain how his life had been transformed thanks to the incredible woman standing in front of him.

Finally, Luke reached into his pocket, pulled out the ring case, took a deep breath, opened it and asked Jacqui to marry him. Suddenly Jacqui realised that Luke was not messing around and a complete look of shock swept across her face very quickly followed by a smile that wold make the Cheshire cat blush.

“Yes, yes of course l’ll marry you!” she said just as the sun set across the water beside them.

Luke then left her standing, ring on finger, completely and utterly overwhelmed by the entire situation and the fact that she had no idea of how the day was going to unfold for her when she had awoken that morning.

After what felt like a lifetime Luke arrived with the champagne and glasses, they picked a spot to sit and watched the rest of the sunset while toasting their future together.